Public Choice
Spring 2010 GMU Syllabus

Economics 410-001 (#12702), meets Tuesdays, 7:20-10:00p during Spring 2010, in Blue Ridge 129.

Instructor: Robin D. Hanson, Assoc. Professor, Economics (,
Office Hours: Officially Tuesday 4:30-7p. But I'm usually in at 10A Carow Hall. Call ahead (703-993-2326) if you want to be sure.

Catalog Entry:

Econ 410 Public Choice (3:3:0). Prerequisite: ECON 306 or permission of instructor. Applies economic theory, methodology to study nonmarket decision making.
Recommended Text:
Gary J. Miller, Mangerial Dilemnas,Cambridge, 1993,ISBN 9780521457699, ~$30
Mancur Olson, Logic of Collective Action Trilateral, 1971, ISBN 9780674537514, ~$25.
Machiavelli, Prince & Other Writings, 2003, ISBN 9781593080600, ~$6.
Dennis Mueller, Public Choice III, 3rd Edition, Cambridge, 2003, ISBN 9780674537514, ~$53.
Goal of Class
Gain familiarity with basic facts and issues in the economics of law, and an ability to use basic economics to argue for particular legal outcomes.
Assignments: Public Choice Opinion Topics
  1. Should a boat pulling team's manager task be rotated among team members or assigned to a specialist?
  2. Should regulation of hair dressers be done at the federal, state, or municipal level?
  3. Should voters be allowed to elect any one or thing they like to any office?
Due Dates: Grade Weights: Class Participate 5%, 13% per Quiz and paper, 17% final.
Week Text ChaptersLecture Topics
Jan 19 Intro, Economics Review
Jan 26LCA,MD Coordination
Feb 2 MD Organizations
Feb 9 Snow
Feb 16 MD, P Diseconomies of Scale
Feb 23 Tribes, Revolt
Mar 1 Migration, War
Mar 9 Spring Break
Mar 16 no class this week
Mar 23 PC14,19 Voting
Mar 30PC18 Voters
Apr 6 Representation
Apr 13 Mechanisms
Apr 20 Levels of Government
Apr 27 Private Law, States
May 4 Futarchy
May 8 Final Exam, 6:45-8:45p,

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